Under Sink Dishwasher


If you're remodeling your home or building a new kitchen, you probably need a new dishwasher. Space saving dishwashers are very popular these days, and there are even dishwasher that can fit beneath your sink. An under sink dishwasher is the perfect way to save space and have a great dishwasher, too. Here are some tips for choosing, planning, and installing under sink dishwashers.

There are many popular dishwasher companies today that have models which can fit under your sink. GE, Frigidaire, and Jenn Air all make very high quality dishwashers and many of these are small enough to fit underneath your sink. Since there's not much space beneath a typical sink, these models are somewhat smaller than a regular dishwasher. But, they connect to your plumbing just like a regular dishwasher.

When choosing a compact dishwasher for under your sink, you should consider many factors. For starters, space is important. You need enough space beneath your sink to fit the dishwasher. Your plumbing also needs to be able to accomodate your dishwasher. Since it will be near your sink, this is probably not a problem. It's important to get professional advice about installing a dishwasher, since this requires both electrical and plumbing hook ups. Do this while planning your kitchen.

Next in choosing your dishwasher, you should decide which features you want. Many dishwasher have two racks for putting dishes, cups, and silverware on, but there are other arrangements, too. Some dishwashers have food disposers built in. Many have a heated drying cycle, where a heating element in the dishwasher dries the dishes after they're done washing. You should also consider how much noise you want your dishwasher to make. Many models are available which are very quiet, but you should look for this feature in particular.

Consider also what you want your dishwasher to look like. If it will go underneath the sink, you probably want the dishwasher to match the sink. There are many styles of dishwasher available. Some have push buttons, some have electronic consoles. Some even have controls on the inside of the dishwasher door. This can look really great in a nicely decorated kitchen. GE makes several stainless steel dishwasher models, and these might be a great match for kitchens with other stainless steel appliances. Some Kitchen Aid dishwashers can accomodate paneling on the front. This can be made to match wood paneling, for example.

Under sink dishwashers can really make your kitchen. Choose one that performs well, meets your needs for space, and looks good with the rest of your kitchen. Popular manufacturers such as GE, Kitchen Aid, Frigidaire, and Jenn Air all make models which can fit almost any size kitchen. Many have advanced features that make cleaning up in the kitchen much easier.